Jun 7, 2012

AT Hostel Review: Standing Bear Farms Hostel

Wow.  Very different place.  Convenient location just down the road the AT crosses leaving Davenport Gap heading east.

  • Very basic bunkhouse.  Some had foam rubber cushions without a vinyl cover... Funky smell.  
  • Pit toilet without TP.  No TP?  Really?
  • Honor system pay system. Very well equipped commissary.
  • Kitchen available, but no breakfast OR COFFEE in the morning.  No Coffee?
  • Didn't try the showers, but I understand they were the best part of the stay.
  • They have a washer and drier, but didn't try them.  
  • Curtis was not around, so missed the opportunity to interact with this colorful character.
Stop for the supplies, camp on the trail.

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