Oct 26, 2013

"Smart Scoop" Water Scooper

Though my hiking partner, Don, calls it the "Pooper Scooper", I prefer Smart Scoop.  I designed it after a backpacking trip during a dry spell. I use Aquamira and don't use a filter, so scooping water is a necessity.  Many water sources were nothing but a shallow pool of water.  After a few scoops with a coffee cup, it became muddy quickly.  Cleaning the water involves pouring bottle to bottle through a handkerchief, letting sediment settle, etc. There had to be a better way


I needed a scoop with good capacity that can easily fill a Platypus water bladder.  Being able to filter sediment was another requirement.  My designed takes a Smartwater bottle which I cut it in half.  I ripped off the drink top cover.  And the cut a piece of reusable coffee filter (mesh, not the paper type) to fit inside the cap.  That's it, but it works like a champ.  The drink top allows filling Platypus bladders.  Coffee filter removes sediment and floaties.  Perfect.


1. 700 ml Smartwater Bottle with flip cap lid
2. Permanent Coffee Filter - Can get one from Walmart for $5  http://goo.gl/rTgujE


1. I cut my Smartwater bottle in half, but may want it a little bigger for less scooping.
2. Crack off the plastic drink top cover.
3. Cut a circle of mesh coffee filter so it JUST fits inside the cap.
4. Screw on cap which will pinch in the filter.
5. Done

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