Sep 8, 2013

BodyGlide Liquefied Powder

Update 9/9/13: I used Bonnie's Balm Climbers Salve instead (recommended by Andrew Skurka) on my two week backpacking trip.  No blisters, and my feet felt great. This is more than lubrication.  It heals your feet.  Put it on at night and in the morning.  Highly recommended.

Update 9/10/12: I used BodyGlide every night on my week long backpacking trip.  No blisters, and my feet felt great. Highly recommended. 

To prevent blisters, many use a product called BodyGlide or the more expensive product Hydropel.  After researching the products, I discovered a little known BodyGlide product called BodyGlide Liquefied Powder, and its availability as pouches.  This appears to be as good as Hydropel for a fraction of the price.  BodyGlide Liquefied Powder comes in .135 fl.oz. packets that make carrying on hikes much simpler.  Will try them on my next trip and report back.

See Brian Green's excellent discussion:

Revel Sports has 9 pouch pack available for $3.95 with free shipping.

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