Feb 11, 2012

Alcohol Stove

After an exhaustive search of stove, I found a page called "yet another alcohol stove" by Scott Bryce. http://scottbryce.com/yaas_stove/index.html

The stove is super simple to build, doesn't require preheating, and can run on rubbing alcohol in a pinch. It DOES require a pot stand. I tried a non-pressurized design that allows the pan to sit in the stove, but it did not heat my small 700ml pan well since there was no flame in the center.

I used Scott's template, but used two "Fancy Feast" cat food cans. The are a pinch smaller, and have a flat bottom. The holes on the template don't line up exactly since this diameter is smaller, so punched the last two holes in both the upper and lower templates to evenly space the last two holes. Two holes don't alternate, but oh well.

Spend some time widening the bottom can. It didn't seem to expand as quickly as a coke can.

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