Mar 20, 2012

Seam Sealing Silnylon

Looking for info on seam sealing my new Stoic windshirt, I found this great article from on the process:

Seam Sealing Instructions

Our tents and tarps need to be seam sealed to provide the best protection from the elements. Seam sealing is a simple process, and should take less than half an hour. Although you can seal seams without pitching the tarp or tent, it is easiest and cleanest  to pitch them and seam seal the tents and let them dry a bit. You need a couple hours of pretty good weather to let the sealer dry. It should be noted, that when finished, it is normal for the seam to feel tacky to the touch, but not be wet.
To perform this you will need:
  • A clear silicone based sealant e.g. a small tube of clear GE premium waterproof Silicone sealant available at hardware stores.
  • A 1/2″ foam brush
  • A few ounces of odorless mineral spirits
  • A clean container to mix the silicone sealant and mineral spirits
Here are the steps:
  • In a clean small metal or plastic container , put in some of the clear silicone sealant and add in some odorless mineral spirits.  I mix it to more of a room temperature buttery consistency.  With GE I use only a small amount of mineral spirits but with the others I need to add more.
  • Once you have the consistency, I find it easiest to dab some on the corner of the foam brush and spread on the seam. It is easiest to do this while you are inside the tent, since it’s easier to reach the whole seam. Lower seam portions may need to be done from the outside and you certainly won’t harm anything from doing the outside or both sides.

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